How Companies Are Using Period-Positivity to Sell Products

Source: Womanizer, WOW Tech

In 2020, the global menstrual health market reached a value of $21.6 billion (USD). This massive growth can be directly linked to the ever-expanding conversation surrounding menstrual equity. For most of history, periods have been cloaked in shame and taboo. The first disposable pad was invented in 1886 and became commercially available in 1888, back when periods were seen as unhygienic and any conversation about them was completely unbecoming. It wasn’t until 1933 when the first Tampax hit the market. Then inventors and innovators seemed to throw up their hands and assume that was enough to manage menstruation. …

Gender is a Critical KPI and Business Metric in the 21st Century

Source: Anthony Shkraba

Since the late 20th century, it seems like so many things have moved so fast that we’ve forgotten just how recently everything started shifting. Take for example — women in the workplace. Sure, women have worked in some capacity forever. Pre-Industrial Revolution, women were a major player on the family farm. However, the mid-19th century saw the second wave of feminism rolling in, and that meant women were going to work.

It’s easy to imagine those events as far removed from our current moment. But the truth is, it’s been less than 100 years, which in the grand scheme of…

A Look at the Role of Storytellers

Donna Ferrato’s collection, “Behind Closed Doors”

One afternoon in March 1993, a man walked out into a field near the village of Ayob. This village was located in what would become modern-day South Sudan. As he stumbled out into the field — exhausted from a day spent in UN convoys and photographing the gruesome scenes of the ongoing famine — the man noticed what looked like a three-year-old lying face down in the bone-dry dust.

Kevin Carter was a conflict photographer born and raised in apartheid-era South Africa. In 1993, the Bang-Bang Club, a group of intrepid photojournalists of which Carter was a part, was sent…

The Gossip Girl Revival and It’s Faux-Wokness Falls Flats

Source: USA Today

Has anyone else been love/hate-watching the reboot of Gossip Girl? Because I know I have. I love-watch it because I’m a fiend for fashion that pushes the envelope and just about anything set in New York City. I hate-watch it because I’m truly trying to figure it out.

Making trashy TV is much harder than it looks. The scripts are usually sorely lacking, and the actors need to deliver their lines with just enough earnestness and camp. …

Why We Need Cross-Sectional Solutions to Period Access

Source: Grand Challenges Canada

At the end of April 2021, a cohort of researchers and academics published the first comprehensive and self-contained definition of menstrual health. Despite the increase in menstrual health advocacy, programming, policy, and research, there was no holistic method to define menstruation health up until this point. Imagine that — a physical experience that happens to nearly 4 billion people every month, and there’s no academic definition for what exactly it should entail?

In order to work towards something or truly understanding anything, we must first define it. Words have symbolic and significant meaning, and thus when we define things, we…

A Writer Working Her Way Through the World

Source: Los Muertos Crew

Writing is not the result of pure imagination and inspiration. Those who we herald as the great writers of our time did not arrive there by sheer luck or divine intervention from a muse. Writing is the result of hard-earned, consistent practice. It is a craft. There are no right answers, and absolutely no one to give you directions. After all, no one has gone where you’re going and no one except for you can birth your ideas precisely as you can. Sounds a bit like how we live our lives, huh? Directionless at times, but purposeful nonetheless.

Give Yourself Permission to Do It Your Own Way

When it…

A Guide to Getting Rid of Fear and Finding Storylines

Source: Cottonbro

The first real job I ever wanted was to become a writer. I suppose like all other jobs I had conceptualized in my mind, I was a bit delusional in what I thought a writer’s life would look like. I imagined a life of late-night black coffee, gathering pennies to buy pencils, being a sort of flaneur winding my way through city streets allow the world (and therefore stories) to happen to me. It isn’t actually that far off, only I drink my coffee in the morning and couldn’t tell you the last time I used a pencil.

This romantic…

An Excerpt from a Book With Too Many Working Titles

Source: Andrew Jephson

The murmur of some Middle Eastern dialect poured from the driver’s cellphone, while a newscaster’s voice penetrated through the fake bullet-proof glass. It was one of the rainiest days I had ever witnessed in New York City. As the downpour beat heavy on the windshield of the cab, I peered out onto 53rd street. I was absorbed in some purposeless melancholic haze, and traffic was at a standstill perhaps because of the rain, or maybe it was the man covered in plastic grocery bags dancing through the intersection. …

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Princess Diana

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Whether you grew up idolizing her or you came to know her through modern retellings in television and film, Princess Diana remains iconic and immortal in the minds of many across the world. It may have been her style and glamour that drew people in, but it was her empathy and desire for connection that kept her going. For about a decade, Diana was the most photographed woman in the world, through which the public was able to create a parasocial relationship with her. People projected onto her all sorts of stories without understanding the depth of her struggles behind…

Everything You Need to Know About Shaking Meditation

Source: Jack Sparrow

At this point, just about everyone has been told that the cure-all for their depression, anxiety, unease, insert any other ailment, is simple — meditate. Many of those people, including myself, have proceeded to sit down and wonder what the hell we are doing. Instead of reaching some sort of nirvana, I just sit quietly and try to not think about my to-do list. Granted, I’ve gotten better over the years. It is, after all, a practice.

But here’s the thing — seated meditation isn’t for everyone. Sure everyone can do it. But the idea that it is suited for…

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