Fighting Period Poverty for Everyone but Volunteers

On March 1, 2021, Representative Meng (D-NY), reintroduced the Menstrual Equity in the Peace Corps Act, which “seeks to address the lack of access and affordability of menstrual products for Peace Corps Volunteers serving abroad.” This legislation calls on the Peace Corps Director to establish a comprehensive policy to provide menstrual products to volunteers during their service; either through direct access to these items or by increases in monthly stipends to cover the cost of products

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Peace Corps (PC) evacuated all volunteers serving around the globe. Since that time returned volunteers have begun speaking out…

A Guide to Making a Positive Impact with Travel

Consumer culture is shifting. More and more, consumers want to feel as if they are altruistic when they pull out their wallets. There is a desire to do good with our money. And industries are taking note. Over the last decade, the prevalence of companies building the brand upon the idea of sustainability has risen dramatically.

As consumers, we don’t necessarily need empirical evidence to prove that the purchases we’re making are actually creating an impact. Instead, we are buying into a brand that promises us a sense of goodwill and service. …

It’s Way Easier Than You Think

My life so far has been lived soaking wet; years spent drenched in alcohol. The first time I drank alcohol I was about nine years old. I vividly remember my father handing me his beer to have a taste. Nothing about this seems unusual — children are curious and parents are willing to comply I suppose. The first time I got drunk I was fifteen. Like any good suburban girl, I drank Mike’s Hard Lemonade in a friend’s basement while her parents burnt the midnight oil drinking their own spirits above us.

During the years I spent galavanting through New…

Gender Mainstreaming and Collective Transformation

The word “empowerment” has become an amorphous beacon in the world of development. It flashes across every organization’s website and every pamphlet; academics discuss it at length. All the while, the entire framework of “empowerment” is underpinned by the belief that “empowerment” singularly involves women. If we are to believe, as Foucault says, that power is relational and only exists in exercise, then we must consider how gender and power intersect relationally, and how both men and women must engage with its equal distribution. The distinctive roles in this dance are perhaps women arriving at critical consciousness and self-determination and…

A Journey Through the Cradle of Humanity

If you tried to imagine what the garden of Eden looked like, Ngorongoro Crater is probably as close as you’ll come. In fact, this geographic wonder is often referred to as the cradle of mankind. Nestled in the northwestern region of Tanzania, the Crater sits just south of the legendary Serengeti National Park. While the surrounding area is largely dried bush, the Crater is a sprawling fertile landscape — a sort of promised land.

Tanzania is flush with national parks and big game drives, but Ngorongoro offers something that none of the others parks can — one of the most…

A Social Impact Assessment of Days for Girls International

No matter what type of development initiative we’re talking about, it’s critical that a social impact assessment is taken into consideration. Framing an organization’s innovation and proof of concept within the scope of social impact means assessing not — does it work, but why it works. Additionally, social impact assessments allow an organization to understand whether or not its innovation is actually accomplishing what it set out to do.

Days for Girls (DfG) is an organization that provides curricula to partner organizations in various countries, notably countries including Kenya, Nepal, and Bolivia. This curriculum aims to “increase access to menstrual…


States with Hidden Gems You Need to See

If you’ve ever driven or even flown across the United States, you know that there are a lot of states you just have to pass through to get where you’re going. Iowa and Nebraska come to mind, for example. Many of these states are actually referred to as “fly-over” states, because of the assumption that no one actually visits them.

However, after driving across the country four times, I can safely say — we are missing out on some gems. There are a lot of seriously undervalued landscapes and locations in this country. In some ways, there is nothing more…

Travel. USA.

And Where to Stop Along the Way

During my early twenties, I drove across the country not once, not twice, but four times. Each time I forged a new route from East to West — the classic Route 66, the entire northern and southern border, and the dead center of the country. Perhaps it’s my natural penchant for new places, or my subconscious desire to embrace the all-American tradition of discovery, but either way, traveling to all the corners of this country has taught me what it means to be American in a way nothing else could.

There is something deeply American about the desire to travel…

A Guide to Articulating Your Needs and Expectations

No one teaches us how to do this. Or, maybe some people do, but I certainly wasn’t taught about emotional, physical, and mental boundaries growing up. During the first twenty years of my life, this practice wasn’t modeled for me by anyone in my life. And when I finally found people who were doing this, at times, tedious work of setting personal boundaries, it felt uncomfortable and unusual to speak so transparently about my needs or to be asked to honor others' boundaries so rigorously. In fact, I couldn’t even articulate my own boundaries if I tried.

I, like so…

A Look at Men’s Role in Destigmatizing Periods

Despite ever-growing awareness around gender equality and the lofty United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), nearly every country remains for all intents and purposes a patriarchal society. By which I mean, the global social system is one where men hold primary power and remain predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege, and control of property. A critical feminist approach might go as far as to say that patriarchal structures (i.e. our global societies) are systemically biased against women.

Now, the glories and pitfalls of patriarchy are for another time, but for now, let’s look at how this…

Tyler A. Donohue

Pastimes include playing with words, using my passport, and eating croissants. A writer of all things gender, culture, and travel.

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