A Case for Including All People in Menstrual Health

For as long as I can remember, the topic of menstruation has been a “women’s issue.” Despite the ever-expanding conversation around periods, people continue to slip each other tampons as if they are trading contraband. As periods have begun to be destigmatized through marketing and messaging, we have made one major mistake — We have continued to exclusively frame menstruation as something that only happens to women.

If we are going to politically position ourselves as progressive and inclusive of all identities, then we must acknowledge that: 1) not all women menstruate, and 2) not all people who menstruate are…

A Letter to Myself on the Eve of my 28th Birthday

You, and only you, are responsible for your own emotions. When your heart is aching and you are waiting for someone else to heal it, you will realize that you are the only person that can give yourself the closure you so desperately desire. Walking down that rainy street in some New York City borough and having the grace to let someone go, to close a door completely, to be willing to break your own heart — this will be a small but life-altering lesson.

There is such a thing as a relationship with steaming hot chemistry and absolutely zero…

7 Reasons You Should Be Too

Imagine stepping into the tub and the water begins to speckle your feet. Slowly as the water falls down your arms, belly, thighs, and calves, you notice the near blistering sensation of the freezing water. Maybe you let out a little wail or an entire scream, or you burst into ridiculous laughter. You shake your body and allow the cold water to fall all around you as you breathe deeply and wait for the minute to pass. So, why on earth would anyone want to take a cold shower to start their day? Well —

1. It Reduces Anxiety and Depression

In the early days of…

Nothing Like a Neo-Nazi Boyfriend

Somewhere along the way, someone offered me this sage piece of advice — when you go to a man’s house for the first time, check his bookshelf to get a better read on him; making sure to take note of the state of this bookshelf. Is it color-coordinated? Organized using the Dewy Decimal system? Are the spines cracked? Is there a stained and clearly overused copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance? Are pages ripped and dog-eared? God forbid, he has too much Hemingway, any amount of Bukowski, or says things like “Lolita is my favorite book.”


We All Just Love to Hate Successful Women

A few weeks back when I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (a habit I am at all times trying to curtail as my screen time notification continues to mock me), I noticed some hubbub about tequila. More specifically, I had noticed a covert social media campaign that was underway — Kylie Jenner posting subtle hits about something coming, some “new-new,” and what lingered in the background of these immaculately well-lit photos was a bottle of alcohol that…didn’t exist. That is — it was a label no one had ever seen before. …

9 Things You Need to Know about Svalbard

1. Polar Bears or People?

Perhaps the most exciting, endearing, and possibly dangerous fact depending on your general feelings toward bears and carnivorous animals — Svalbard (the northern Norweigan archipelago) has more polar bears than people.

The polar bear population in the Svalbard archipelago is around 3,000. The human population lands just around 2,300. Polar bears sightings are very common, which is why —

2. You Gotta Pack Heat

And while it is freezing on Svalbard, and you need to dress warm — you also need to carry a gun. …

Or At Least It Can Be If We Radically Reclaim It

After the festivities of November and December, we all seem to settle into some sort of renewed optimism come January. That optimism is of course challenged by the reality that we still live in the same house, we still can’t afford that gym membership, we still seem to have an insatiable lust for trashy television we swore we’d stop watching, and we are, plain and simple, the same person we were the year before. …

What You Need to Know About the Luteal Phase

During my teenage years and early twenties, I never once considered what was actually happening inside my body during my period. All I knew was that once a month, every month, for what seemed like my entire life — I would bleed. No questions asked. I’d recall something about the blood coming from the uterine lining, or something about menstrual cramps preparing me for childbirth. But generally, I never thought about it. So, imagine my surprise when I’m nearly thirty years old and I am just now learning about the intricate phases of my monthly cycle. Not only am I…

Answering All the Questions You’re Embarrassed to Ask

Disclaimer: This information isn’t a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You shouldn’t rely on this article for specific medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your doctor.

If you are a vagina-owning individual and you are anything at all like me, you have found yourself sitting on the toilet during your period wondering what in god’s name is happening. Around the second day of your period, you have this deep urge to just sit on the toilet and relax your pelvic floor muscles and let it all go. Sometimes I sit on…

Recognizing My Own Ignorance

It was June, or maybe it was April or August — it’s nearly impossible to know what month anything happened during this pandemic. Did Tiger King just get released last week? Did I just learn how to make a sourdough starter? I couldn’t tell you. Time seems to have stopped in March and yet we continue to live through somehow increasingly strange seasons of this year.

At some point during the summertime, when it seemed like nothing else could possibly go wrong in the world, I doomscrolled myself into a QAnon conspiracy. I, a college-educated, liberal-leaning, feminist, LGBTQ+ supporting, anti-racist…

Tyler A. Donohue

Pastimes include playing with words, using my passport, and eating croissants. A writer of all things gender, culture, and travel.

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